For Central/Field/Superintendents only:

Pursuant to the Mayoral Directive effective September 15, 2023, an OTPS spending freeze for all travel outside of NYC is in effect (except for travel to Albany and Washington DC that has a legislative or budgetary purpose). Travel to Albany and Washington DC for purposes other than legislative or budgetary in nature require an exception, e.g. a conference

If you have a necessary and/or critical upcoming travel event, contact your DBOR Analyst to request an exception. Your request will be forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for further review. If an exception is granted by OMB, you will be notified by your DBOR Analyst. Travel should not occur without an approved (OMB) exception. Central/Field/Superintendent travelers are encouraged to submit exception requests a minimum of one month prior to the anticipated departure to avoid approval delays. Please continue to periodically check this broadcast screen for the latest updates.

  • School personnel should call their DSL School Finance and Human Resources Field Team
  • Central Employees should call the Department of Education’s Travel Unit at 718-935-5000 option 4
  • District 75 employees should call Wally Luke at (212) 802-1589 or Jorge Rivera at (212) 802-1508
  • Click here to Download a copy of the DOE Travel FAQs.