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Travel & Conference SOP | TRAC Quick Reference Guide
February 2022: Out-of-town travel for student field trips & PSAL-related trips has resumed, subject to the guidelines located here as well as all applicable Chancellor’s Regulations and SOPs. Out-of-town travel for staff and parents remains based on need for travel. Please submit all exception requests for out-of-town staff and parent travel to the Travel Unit ( Please include all pertinent details about the trip and explain the need for travel. Requests should be sent 3 business weeks in advance of the anticipated departure date to allow time for review. Please continue to check this broadcast screen for future updates.

Welcome to the Travel Reimbursement Approval Certification (TRAC) form. This must be used to submit a request for:

  • Authorization to Use Personal Car
  • Exceptions to Regulations for Reimbursement
  • SIPP (former Imprest Fund Expenditure)
  • Local Travel/Authorization for Imprest Fund Expenditure - Carfare

For assistance with TRAC:

  • School personnel should call their DSL School Finance and Human Resources Field Team
  • Central Employees should call the Department of Education’s Travel Unit at (718) 935-2930
  • District 75 employees should call Wally Luke at (212) 802-1589 or Jorge Rivera at (212) 802-1508
  • Click here to Download a copy of the DOE Travel FAQs.

Please enter your e-mail id:  Click here if you are unsure of your DOE email address.
Password (network/outlook): 
          I Certify that I am the actual traveler or authorized approver
         (To insure proper internal controls, TRAC must be initiated by the actual traveler)